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Integrate Reports into your Sales Workflows.

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Who’s it for?

Digital Agencies

Web Designers and Developers

Bloggers and Researchers

What can I do with it?

Bulk Reporting - Want to audit a large number of prospects? Don’t have time to submit them one by one via the UI? Submit hundreds or even thousands of audits instantly via the API.


Integrate into your Sales Process and Systems - Want your Sales Staff to be able to run a report for prospects directly from within your CRM? Look no further than SEOptimer’s API.


Track for Problems or Changes - Run regular client reporting to keep track of improvements, or find potential issues early. Save regular copies and backups of reports to your Drive.


Prospecting for Particular Issues - Want to evaluate a range of prospects for a particular technical issue you specialise in? Or want to find prospects with the most pressing problems, and highest chance of converting to your services?


Trend Analysis & Research - Want to write the ultimate white paper on SSL Adoption? Audit a range of sites to see high level trends, build unique business insight and thought leadership.

Technical Features

Submit URLs via JSON - Commonly used and simple to implement API calling method.


Retrieve Data Points & Scores via JSON - Extract every reporting value into your database, or write custom logic and rules based on website values.


Retrieve Branded White Label PDFs - Customize the look and feel of your reports produced via the API. Set your own logo, company details, branding languages. Add custom text and choose which checks to run.


Custom Callback or Queue-And-Wait - Our API supports both options. SEOptimer can either call your endpoint on completion of a report, or you can poll on your provided Queue ID.


Available API Data Points

  • Title Tag
  • Meta Description Tag
  • Header Tags
  • Keyword Consistency
  • Amount of Content
  • Image Alt Attributes
  • Backlinks
  • Top Backlinks
  • On-Page Links
  • Broken Links
  • Friendly URLs
  • Noindex Tag Test
  • Noindex Header Test
  • Robots.txt
  • XML Sitemaps
  • Analytics
  • Structured Data
  • Device Rendering
  • Use of Mobile Viewports
  • Flash used?
  • iFrames used?
  • Favicon
  • Legible Font Sizes
  • Tap Target Sizing
  • Page Speed
  • Page Size
  • Number of Objects Loaded
  • Javascript Errors
  • GZIP Compression
  • Image Optimization
  • Minification
  • Deprecated HTML
  • Inline Styles
  • Facebook Page Connected
  • Facebook Open Graph Tags
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Twitter Connected
  • Twitter Cards
  • Twitter Activity
  • Instagram Connected
  • YouTube Connected
  • YouTube Activity
  • LinkedIn Connected
  • HTTPS redirect
  • Malware Check
  • SSL Security
  • Email Privacy
  • Technology List
  • Server IP Address
  • DNS Servers
  • Web server
  • Charset

Sample API Calls

Create Report (with PDF Option, No Callback)

curl --location --request POST "" \
--header "Content-Type: application/json" \
--header "Accept: application/json" \
--header "x-api-key: XXXXXX" \
--data '{"url":"","pdf":1}'

{ "success":true, "data":{ "url": "", "pdf":true, "callback":false, "id":6 } }

Get Report

curl --location --request GET "" \
--header "Content-Type: application/json" \
--header "x-api-key: XXXXXX" \
--data ""

{ "success":true, "data":{ "id":6, "input":{ "url":"", "pdf":true, "callback":false }, "output":{ "success":true, "callback":false, "pdf":"", "recommendation_count":11, "screenshot":"", "report_generation_time":"53 second(s)", "request_completion_time":"1 minute(s) 3 second(s)", "scores":{ "overall":{ "grade":"A-", "title":"Your page is good", "description":"" }, "seo":{ "grade":"A+", "title":"Your SEO is very good!", "description":"Congratulations, your page is well optimized for SEO performance. SEO optimization is important to ensure you can maximize ranking potential and drive traffic to your website from search engines. You can continue to build on your strong position through further application of SEO strategies like content generation and link building." }, "social":{ "grade":"F-", "title":"Your social needs improvement", "description":"You appear to have a weak social presence or level of social activity (or we may just not be able to see your profiles!). Social activity is important for customer communication, brand awareness and as a marketing channel to bring visitors to your website. We recommend that you list all of your profiles on your page for visibility, and begin to build a following on those networks." }, "performance":{ "grade":"A-", "title":"Your performance is good", "description":"Your page has performed well in our testing meaning it should be reasonably responsive for your users, but there is still room for improvement. Performance is important to ensure a good user experience, and reduced bounce rates (which can also indirectly affect your search engine rankings)." }, "ui":{ "grade":"B+", "title":"Your usability could be better", "description":"Your page is OK but could be more usable across devices. Usability is important to maximize your available audience and minimize user bounce rates (which can indirectly affect your search engine rankings)." }, "security":{ "grade":"A+", "title":"Your security looks very good!", "description":"We haven't identified obvious security problems on your website. Security is important to ensure your website protects user data, doesn't become compromised or experience downtime or data loss. We recommend ongoing patching and the continuous use of protective monitoring tools." } }, "title":{ "section":"seo", "passed":true, "shortAnswer":"You have a title tag of optimal length (between 10 and 70 characters).", "recommendation":null, "value":"63", "data":"Dream & Build Your Own Website in Minutes -" }, "description":{ "section":"seo", "passed":true, "shortAnswer":"Your page has a meta description of optimal length (between 70 and 320 characters).", "recommendation":null, "value":"310", "data":"Use a powerful site builder on to create fabulous professional and responsive websites. With leading AI technology, our advanced drag-and-drop interface allows you to move content freely on your website’s page. So, you can easily customise, build and design your website in a matter of minutes." }, "headers":{ "section":"seo", "passed":true, "shortAnswer":"Your page is making good use of header tags.", "recommendation":null, "data":{ "h1":[ "Dream it, Build it." ], "h2":[ "Build a beautiful website in minutes with our powerful\n drag and drop site builder.", "Make it unique", "Build an eCommerce" ], "h4":[ "Customize your Site", "99.9% Uptime", "Loads Fast", "Upload files", "Get the right support", "Frequently Asked Questions" ] } }, "keywords":{ "section":"seo", "passed":true, "shortAnswer":"Your page's main keywords are distributed well across the important HTML tags.", "recommendation":null, "data":{ "keywords":[ { "word":"website", "count":15, "title":true, "description":true, "headers":true }, { "word":"site", "count":11, "title":true, "description":true, "headers":true }, { "word":"builder", "count":9, "title":false, "description":true, "headers":true }, { "word":"get", "count":8, "title":false, "description":false, "headers":true }, { "word":"all", "count":7, "title":false, "description":true, "headers":false }, { "word":"online", "count":7, "title":false, "description":false, "headers":false }, { "word":"need", "count":7, "title":false, "description":false, "headers":false }, { "word":"support", "count":6, "title":false, "description":false, "headers":true } ], "phrases":[ { "word":"site builder", "count":7, "title":false, "description":true, "headers":true }, { "word":"your website", "count":6, "title":false, "description":true, "headers":false }, { "word":"with our", "count":5, "title":false, "description":false, "headers":true }, { "word":"our site", "count":4, "title":false, "description":false, "headers":true }, { "word":"our site builder", "count":4, "title":false, "description":false, "headers":false }, { "word":"need to", "count":3, "title":false, "description":false, "headers":false }, { "word":"upload files", "count":3, "title":false, "description":false, "headers":true }, { "name":"jQuery", "icon":"/img/icons/app/jQuery.svg", "version":"", "website":"" } ] } }, "contentLength":{ "section":"seo", "passed":true, "shortAnswer":"Your page has a good level of textual content, which will assist in it's ranking potential.", "recommendation":null, "value":"757" }, "imageAlt":{ "section":"seo", "passed":false, "shortAnswer":"Alt Attributes Missing From Images", "recommendation":"Add ALT attributes to all images", "data":{ "total":18, "altCount":16, "noAltCount":2 } }, "backlinks":{ "section":"seo", "passed":true, "shortAnswer":"You have a strong level of backlink activity to this page.", "recommendation":null, "data":{ "backlinks":1440564, "allbacklinks":1446271, "mozda":55 } }, "onPageLinks":{ "section":"seo", "passed":null, "shortAnswer":"", "recommendation":null, "data":{ "total":27, "filesCount":0, "externalCount":16, "nofollowCount":0, "externalPercentage":59, "nofollowPercentage":0 } }, "brokenLinks":{ "section":"seo", "passed":true, "shortAnswer":"We have not detected any broken links on your page.", "recommendation":null, "data":[ ] }, "friendlyUrls":{ "section":"seo", "passed":true, "shortAnswer":"Your page links appear friendly (easily human or search engine readable).", "recommendation":null }, "robotsTxt":{ "section":"seo", "passed":true, "shortAnswer":"Your website appears to have a robots.txt file.", "recommendation":null, "data":"" }, "sitemap":{ "section":"seo", "passed":true, "shortAnswer":"Your website appears to have an XML sitemap.", "recommendation":null, "data":[ "" ] }, "analytics":{ "section":"seo", "passed":true, "shortAnswer":"Your page is using an analytics tool.", "recommendation":null, "data":[ { "id":"googleanalytics", "name":"Google Analytics" } ] }, "deviceRendering":{ "section":"ui", "passed":null, "shortAnswer":"This check visually demonstrates how your page renders on different devices. It is important that your page is optimized for mobile and tablet experiences as today the majority of web traffic comes from these sources.", "recommendation":null, "data":{ "mobile":"", "tablet":"" } }, "mobileViewport":{ "section":"ui", "passed":true, "shortAnswer":"Your page specifies a viewport matching the device's size, allowing it to render appropriately across devices.", "recommendation":null }, "flash":{ "section":"ui", "passed":true, "shortAnswer":"No Flash content has been identified on your page.", "recommendation":null }, "iframe":{ "section":"ui", "passed":false, "shortAnswer":"iFrames Detected", "recommendation":"Remove iFrames" }, "favicon":{ "section":"ui", "passed":true, "shortAnswer":"Your page has specified a favicon.", "recommendation":null }, "legibleFonts":{ "section":"ui", "passed":true, "shortAnswer":"The text on your page appears to be legible across devices.", "recommendation":null }, "tapTargetSizing":{ "section":"ui", "passed":false, "shortAnswer":"Tap Targets Too Small", "recommendation":"Improve the size of tap targets" }, "serverResponseTime":{ "section":"performance", "passed":true, "shortAnswer":"Your page's server response time is reasonably low which is good for load speed and user experience.", "recommendation":null, "data":{ "responseTime":337, "loadTime":2286, "completeTime":2369 } }, "pageSize":{ "section":"performance", "passed":true, "shortAnswer":"Your page's file size is reasonably low which is good for Page Load Speed and user experience.", "recommendation":null, "data":{ "totalSize":1428981, "htmlSize":35109, "cssSize":204489, "jsSize":600046, "imageSize":241598, "otherSize":347739 } }, "numberOfResources":{ "section":"performance", "passed":null, "shortAnswer":"This check displays the total number of files that need to be retrieved from web servers to load your page. As a general rule, having more files to retrieve increases the number of server requests and can subsequently increase page load time. It is a good idea to removing unnecessary files or consolidate files like styles and scripts where possible.", "recommendation":null, "data":{ "total":47, "images":14, "css":10, "js":9, "html":3, "other":11 } }, "javascriptErrors":{ "section":"performance", "passed":true, "shortAnswer":"Your page is not reporting any JavaScript errors.", "recommendation":null }, "gzip":{ "section":"performance", "passed":true, "shortAnswer":"Your website is using GZIP compression.", "recommendation":null, "data":null }, "optimizedImages":{ "section":"performance", "passed":false, "shortAnswer":"Images Not Optimized", "recommendation":"Optimize your images to reduce their file size" }, "minified":{ "section":"performance", "passed":true, "shortAnswer":"All your JavaScript and CSS files appear to be minified.", "recommendation":null }, "deprecated":{ "section":"performance", "passed":true, "shortAnswer":"No deprecated HTML tags have been found within your page.", "recommendation":null }, "inlineCss":{ "section":"performance", "passed":false, "shortAnswer":"Inline Styles Found", "recommendation":"Remove inline styles" }, "facebookLink":{ "section":"social", "passed":false, "shortAnswer":"Facebook Page Link Not Found", "recommendation":"Create and link your Facebook Page" }, "facebookActivity":false, "twitterLink":{ "section":"social", "passed":false, "shortAnswer":"Twitter Page Link Not Found", "recommendation":"Create and link your Twitter profile" }, "twitterActivity":false, "instagramLink":{ "section":"social", "passed":false, "shortAnswer":"Instagram Profile Link Not Found", "recommendation":"Create and link associated Instagram profile" }, "instagramActivity":false, "youtubeLink":{ "section":"social", "passed":false, "shortAnswer":"YouTube Channel Link Not Found", "recommendation":"Create and link an associated Youtube channel" }, "youtubeActivity":false, "linkedInLink":{ "section":"social", "passed":false, "shortAnswer":"LinkedIn Profile Link Not Found", "recommendation":"Create and link an associated LinkedIn profile", "data":null }, "socialActivity":{ "section":"social", "passed":false, "shortAnswer":"Low Social Sharing Activity", "recommendation":"Encourage Page Social Sharing", "data":{ "facebook_share":0, "pinterest_share":0, "gplus":0, "linkedin":0, "stumbledupon":"0" } }, "sslEnabled":{ "section":"security", "passed":true, "shortAnswer":"Your website has SSL enabled.", "recommendation":null }, "httpsRedirect":{ "section":"security", "passed":true, "shortAnswer":"Your page successfully redirects to a HTTPS (SSL secure) version.", "recommendation":null }, "malware":{ "section":"security", "passed":true, "shortAnswer":"Your website has been flagged as safe by popular malware scanners", "recommendation":null, "data":{ "google":"unverified", "mcafee":"safe", "norton":"unverified", "avg":"unverified" } }, "outdatedApps":{ "section":"security", "passed":true, "shortAnswer":"No outdated software versions were identified on your server.", "recommendation":null }, "email":{ "section":"security", "passed":true, "shortAnswer":"No email addresses have been found in plain text on your page.", "recommendation":null }, "technologies":{ "section":"technology", "passed":null, "shortAnswer":"These software or coding libraries have been identified on your page.", "recommendation":null, "data":[ "Font Awesome", "Google Analytics", "Google Tag Manager", "Twitter Bootstrap", "jQuery" ] }, "ip":{ "section":"technology", "passed":null, "shortAnswer":"", "recommendation":null, "data":"" }, "dns":{ "section":"technology", "passed":null, "shortAnswer":"", "recommendation":null, "data":"
" }, "webServer":{ "section":"technology", "passed":null, "shortAnswer":"", "recommendation":null, "data":"cloudflare" }, "charset":{ "section":"technology", "passed":null, "shortAnswer":"", "recommendation":null, "data":"text/html" }, "recommendations":[ { "priority":"medium", "section":"social", "recommendation":"Encourage Page Social Sharing" }, { "priority":"medium", "section":"social", "recommendation":"Create and link your Facebook Page" }, { "priority":"low", "section":"seo", "recommendation":"Add ALT attributes to all images" }, { "priority":"low", "section":"performance", "recommendation":"Remove inline styles" }, { "priority":"low", "section":"ui", "recommendation":"Remove iFrames" }, { "priority":"low", "section":"social", "recommendation":"Create and link your Twitter profile" }, { "priority":"low", "section":"social", "recommendation":"Create and link associated Instagram profile" }, { "priority":"low", "section":"social", "recommendation":"Create and link an associated Youtube channel" }, { "priority":"low", "section":"social", "recommendation":"Create and link an associated LinkedIn profile" }, { "priority":"low", "section":"performance", "recommendation":"Optimize your images to reduce their file size" }, { "priority":"low", "section":"ui", "recommendation":"Improve the size of tap targets" } ] }, "created_at":"2019-04-09 05:28:45", "completed_at":"2019-04-09 05:29:48" } }

How Do I Get Started?

For new SEOptimer customers, signup to one of the API plans below. Once in your Dashboard, you’ll have access to an ‘API’ Panel which displays your API usage and API Key.

For existing customers, reach out via Livechat to get one of the API Plans added to your account.

Have questions, interested in a bespoke plan, higher limits or special needs? Reach out via Live Chat below.

API Plans

Features API-1 API-2 API-3
Price $100 a Month $250 a Month $500 a Month
Reports per Month 200 1000 5000
Submit URLs via JSON
Retrieve Data Points via JSON
Retrieve Scores via JSON
Retrieve White Label PDFs
Add Report Custom Branding and Colors


Shoot us a message on Live Chat and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.